Fur-Ever Friends of North Carolina’s mission is to prevent neglect, abuse, cruelty and
exploitation of all animals and ensure their interest and well-being are fully, effectively and
humanely protected by an informed and caring society.

Fur-Ever Friends of N.C. is committed to
keeping pets with their people in loving and safe homes.

Accomplishing Our Mission

Since our beginning in 2004, Fur-Ever Friends of N.C. (FFNC), has continuously assessed our community to determine where the most critical animal welfare needs exist. The following programs address issues related to the most basic needs of food, shelter, medical care and quality of life.

Share The Warmth - Fur-Ever Friends of N.C. canvasses area neighborhoods and relies on tips from community members to find dogs and cats in need of shelter and warmth during the cold winter months. Since 2015, our volunteers have distributed hundreds of dog houses and pet food along with bags of pine shavings to help dogs stay warm, dry and well fed. Our efforts have recently evolved into hosting pet food distribution events throughout the year at specific locations around Forsyth County where people come to us for pet food and supplies.

Community Pet Food Pantry - Fur-Ever Friends of N.C., in 2021, began partnering with churches who provide a weekly or bi-weekly food pantry for community members with bagged pet food. FFNC currently is partnering with four churches and other community groups to issue an average of over 800 pounds per month of bagged pet food to community pet owners.

Rico Sick and Injured Memorial Fund - Started and named for a K9 officer who was stricken and sadly succumbed to bone cancer, this fund is used to assist with vet care for sick, neglected and/or injured animals for pet owners struggling with vet care. Over the years, the Rico Fund has spent over $335,000.00 and helped over 2,300 household pets and stray animals.

Nikon’s Fund -Established by Fur-Ever Friends of N.C. in 2016 in memory of Nikon, a heroic K9 officer and in honor of all other K9 who serve to search out stolen goods, narcotics, and locate people either deemed fugitives or missing. Upon each retirement from the force, each of their handlers will be gifted a $250.00 retirement gift as well as be eligible for financial assistance with medical emergencies.

Cruelty Investigation and Education - Fur-Ever Friends of N.C. has hosted training for law enforcement officers on how to identify, handle and investigate animal cruelty issues. So far, we have trained over 200 law enforcement officers and Assistant District Attorneys from 30 agencies in 18 counties. We also maintain a Cruelty Fund that offers monetary rewards for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of persons responsible for acts of animal cruelty.

Paws in the House - Fur-Ever Friends of N.C. is committed to bringing the basics of pet care and the responsibilities of pet ownership into the community. We are available to meet with all ages, whether in a classroom, a retirement center or a recreational center, to share information on available community resources, Pets 101 curriculum or much needed pet therapy.

Fix Forsyth - FFNC is committed to preventing overpopulation of dogs and cats in Forsyth County. We strive to meet this goal through education and media to highlight the consequences of unplanned reproduction. We partner with several veterinary clinics to provide low-cost sterilization surgeries that will curb the number of unwanted animals and help reduce the number of animals in shelters.

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