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Rico Sick and Injured Memorial Fund

Started and named for a K9 officer who was stricken and sadly succumbed to bone cancer, this fund is used to assist with vet care for sick, neglected and/or injured animals for pet owners struggling with vet care. Over the years, the Rico Fund has spent over $335,000.00 and helped over 2,300 household pets and stray animals.

Nikon’s Fund

Established by Fur-Ever Friends of N.C. in 2016 in memory of Nikon, a heroic K9 officer and in honor of all other K9 who serve to search out stolen goods, narcotics, and locate people either deemed fugitives or missing.  Upon each retirement from the force, each of their handlers will be gifted a $250.00 retirement gift as well as be eligible for financial assistance with medical emergencies.

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